venetian-blind2Venetian blinds are undeniably the best window blinds for modern living. Venetian blinds are clean and uncluttered and at the same they have with flair, texture, color and stylish twists. Venetian blinds can be purchase from any home decor stores or simply online. There are now options to customized the Venetian blinds according to your preference. You can use fabric of your choice and the color that you prefer to make your Venetian blinds truly unique to your home The messy, cluttered with chords hanging Venetian blinds that we are familiar with are a thing of the past. Nowadays Venetian blinds manufacturers are making this type of window blinds more functional, easier to install and use. The thing to consider if you want to be successful user of  Venetian Blinds Standart is to make sure they are hung properly. If the Venetian Blinds Harmony are crooked then the strings will not act as properly as pulleys and create an askew effect. No matter how stylish your interior venetian blinds are they are not beautiful if they don’t work. Nowadays  the old-fashioned plastic slatted Interior Venetian Blinds EKO brake are out of style unless you are going for a decidedly retro look. However even if you are going for a retro look then you are much better off to choose Venetian blinds that are made out of anodized aluminum or painted silver. These tend to harbor less dirt and dust and just look right with some of the more popular 60’s and 70’s retro room designs.Manufacturers are now creating Interior Venetian Blinds Elegance in all kinds of interesting colors and textures by painting, coating or anodizing the slats. The most boring Interior Venetian Blinds Elegance that you could buy would be the nineties all black kind with narrow slats or the industrial looking cream colored ones that have decorated every institutional window treatment for over a century.

Some of the newer neon colors look good with retro sixties and seventies designs, as do metallic bronze, silver or gold blinds. Instead of white or black blinds for an all wood office you can now have rich looking blinds that are textured like leather and come in dark shades of olive, burgundy or brown. Spare industrial spaces, particularly offices also look more sleek and modern with Venetian blinds EKO in colors such as cherry red or celadon.

If your room looks dated or out of style then the culprit might very well be your window treatment. One of the most unfashionable looks is that throwback to the nineties - Vertical Venetian Blinds. They almost always come in one color and they have a way of institutionalizing your home or apartment. Unfortunately many of these floor to ceiling Vertical Venetian Blinds are difficult to replace with more fashionable blinds with horizontal slats. In this case you might consider concealing them with drapes or sheers when they are not being used to filter light.

Mini-blinds are also very eighties and not really in style although admittedly they do have some functionality when used to cover small or box shaped windows that are commonly found in bathrooms. Nowadays you can mitigate the old-fashioned look of the mini blinds by buying ones in a vibrant color.

The other trend that is becoming popular is hand painted Venetian blinds. If you can get hold of one, it will definitely be one of its kind as no two hand painted Venetian blinds are truly the same. You can get any types of images to be painted on the blinds and it looks really cool when all the blinds are shut. Most of the places that that offer these type of Venetian blinds are China towns or oriental stores. If you can’t find them, there’s always the internet to help! 

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